Japan's Used Solar Panels in Thailand

*****Our customer in Thailand *****
Hello Everyone!
Today I will introduce our customer in Thailand how they are doing with Japanese used solar panels.  In Thailand, he told me there are a rainy season and a dry season, they need a lot of water for farms in a dry season. Here are the pictures he gave me how successfully they constructed the water pump. 
  In Japan, mostly we use solar panels for houses. Especially since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, solar systems become widespread throughout Japan. If we are in different countries, cultures or circumstances, things sometimes have a variety of roles depending on their environment, don’t they?
 It is very interesting for us to know whereabouts of our products. Thank you!

Case 3

Oct 10, 2014

Electronic scoreboard has lighted

Having a coffee break under the solar panel

Ready for water pump!

Water is running…and then…


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