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May 19, 2015

This is the cornfield in Thailand. They had no rain last four months. They used solar power to pump water up from 25-meter deep under ground to cultivate corns. Isn’t it amazing? This place is three hours from their office by car. These photos show the field before and after two months.

Letter from Thailand

Feb 10, 2015

It’s sooo fantastic to hear that our client in Thailand held a solar power show, watering for sugar cane farming, 300 km. from Bangkok. There a lot of people came and it seems so exciting! Thank you for fabulous news!Solar panel show in Thailand!In Thailand 67 fairs take place in 4 cities. Of …


Japan's Used Solar Panels in Thailand

Oct 10, 2014

***** Our customer in Thailand *****
Hello Everyone!Today I will introduce our customer in Thailand how they are doing with Japanese used solar panels. In Thailand, he told me there are a rainy season and a dry season, they need a lot of water for farms in a dry season. Here are the pictures he ….

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